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Properties for Sale in Dubai

Dubai is a vibrant, cosmopolitan city offering the world's tallest skyscrapers and most lavish villas. There is an array of leasehold and freehold properties to choose from while looking for properties for sale in Dubai. You can choose between an array of apartments, villas, townhouses, penthouses and offices. As a stable, diversified economy, it offers much-needed stability for investors. Also, properties in Dubai offer one of the highest ROI globally. Dubai is a world-renowned tourism hotspot attracting travellers and expats around the globe. Therefore, properties for sale in Dubai are in high demand. Whether you are looking for your dream home or an investment opportunity that will allow you to profit from properties for rent in Dubai, you can't go wrong.

The Best City to Invest In

Dubai growing economy has encouraged growth in its real estate sector. Those interested in properties in Dubai have relied on this developing emirate which matured in the real estate market. Relevant entities have ruled out any viable slowdown in the local property marketplace due to the latest well-structured legal guidelines and rules of real estate ownership in the emirate. This has encouraged investors to invest in Dubai properties for sale. Furthermore, as a city set to be the first one to recover from COVID-19, it has a great perspective to secure stable yields. Dubai properties for sale are set in various areas. Depending on the location, they are either freehold or leasehold. Leasehold properties allow the buyer to use the property for a limited period of up to 99 years.

On the other hand, freehold properties for sale in Dubai come with a title deed. Thus, freehold properties are more popular. Dubai was the first emirate to allow foreign ownership. Both cash buyers and mortgage buyer are eligible to buy properties in Dubai. Furthermore, foreign investors choose to invest in Dubai, as it is a safe and secure city to live in. A lot of expats after living for a while in Dubai, start exploring properties for sale in Dubai. It makes more sense to buy a property in Dubai than to rent it. Also, once they leave Dubai, they can easily rent it and benefit from high rental yields.

Residential Properties for Sale in Dubai

Regardless of your budget and preferences, you will easily find Dubai property for sale that ticks your requirements. When it comes to types of properties in Dubai, you can choose between apartments, villas and townhouses. The apartments range from studios, 1 to 6-bedroom apartments and penthouses. Studios for sale in Dubai range from 300 to 1,000 square feet, depending on the developer and the area. Studio for sale in Dubai is a popular option for single expats new to Dubai. But, business professionals would opt for a 1-bedroom apartment for sale in Dubai.

One-bedroom units range in size between 700 to 1,300 square feet. Young families often prefer to buy a 2-bedroom apartment in Dubai which range between 1,300 to 2,000 square feet. Starting from 3-bedroom apartments for sale in Dubai, apartments mostly come with a convenient maid's room. There's plenty of options to choose from for larger families when it comes to apartments in Dubai. The advantages of apartments in Dubai is that most of the towers offer an array of amenities. Swimming pools, gyms, saunas, children play area etc, to name a few. Cinemas, restaurants, jogging tracks, golf simulators and many other facilities can be found in more lavish towers.

The most popular areas to buy apartments in Dubai are Downtown Dubai, DIFC, Dubai Marina, Palm Jumeirah, DIFC, Jumeirah Lakes Towers and others. When it comes to villas for sale in Dubai, options are endless. Depending on your budget and requirements, you can choose villas in one of many Dubai villa communities. The most popular options are Emirates Hills, Dubai Hills, Meydan, MBR City, Serena, Arabian Ranches, The Villa, Villanova, Palm Jumeirah, Jumeirah etc. But, you can also find villas for sale in Dubai Marina and other predominantly high-rise communities.

Their sizes range from 1,800 square feet up to over 30,000 square feet. Dubai villas often come with amenities such as private gardens, private pools, maid's room, study room, driver's room etc. If looking for a more affordable house living, you can opt for townhouses for sale in Dubai. The most popular townhouse communities are Serena, Arabian Ranches, Reem, Mira and Mira Oasis and other Dubailand subcommunities.

Commercial Properties for Sale

Another popular real estate category includes commercial properties for sale in Dubai. The most popular areas to buy commercial properties in Dubai are Downtown Dubai, JLT and Business Bay, although, warehouses, retail spaces, shops and lands for sale in Dubai can be found all over the city. 


Yes, you can buy a property in Dubai without a residency visa. Foreign ownership is permitted in freehold areas of Dubai. In others, you can obtain the property for a period of up to 99 years. Furthermore, by buying a property in Dubai, under certain criteria, you can obtain a citizenship visa.

The process of buying property in Dubai is simple and transparent. The buyer must provide a valid passport and complete the necessary legal formalities. The property transaction process in Dubai takes, on average, 30 days to complete upon the signing date. Your real estate agent will handle the entire process on your behalf. 

Dubai is one of the cities with the highest rental returns of all the major cities in the world. Its rental yields vary between 5 and 9% on average. Furthermore, Dubai has one of the lowest price per square foot globally. With booming tourism and a high percentage of expat population, you can count on having your property rented throughout the year in most areas of the city.