Why Serena, Dubai Community Should Be Your Next Property Investment Choice

06 February 2024

Serena is an exceptional development spanning 761,804 sqm, characterised by its Mediterranean-Spanish architectural style across three phases: Bella Casa, Casa Dora, and Casa Viva. Offering luxurious 3-bedroom villas and affordable 2 and 3-bedroom townhouses, Serena creates a dynamic, vibrant lifestyle in an efficiently designed community, ensuring affordability and superior quality materials and finishing. Its convenient location ensures easy access to Academic Road, Al Qudra Road, and Emirates Road, connecting residents to popular areas like Downtown Dubai, Sustainable City, and Arabian Ranches.

High Value for Money 

Serena offers a great deal by providing more space for your money. You can enjoy larger homes at a lower price per square foot compared to other places nearby, allowing for a big and comfortable living space without a hefty price tag. 

Family-Centric Environment 

Each community comes with amenities like a kids' play area, swimming pool, badminton courts, green spaces, and parks, creating a calm and relaxing atmosphere for everyone. The community is pet-friendly, is kicking things up a notch with the addition of a state-of-the-art padel tennis court and football pitch which promise even more family-friendly activities. 

The Serena Marketplace 

Get fit at the gym, pamper yourself at N-bar for fabulous nails, all conveniently located in the lively Serena Marketplace. Plus, explore expert real estate investment advice from AQUA Properties. It's your one-stop destination for fitness, beauty, and real estate – all right in your community! 

Quality Healthcare 

Getting top-notch healthcare at Serena has become a breeze with the Saudi German Clinic now at the Serena Marketplace. Serena residents also have access to Aster Clinic in Arabian Ranches 2 and hospitals like Aster Medical Centre and the Miami Autism Rehabilitation Centre are within a 12-minute drive from Serena. 

Place of Worship 

In Serena, Muslim residents have convenient access to a mosque. The community's inclusivity transcends religious boundaries, evident in the proximity of the St. Gregorios Orthodox Church and International Nepalese Community Church. Additionally, within a short 30-minute drive, residents can immerse themselves in the diverse spiritual milieu provided by Gurunanak Darbar, a Sikh Gurudwara. 

Schools & Nearby Universities 

In Serena, families have a range of nearby nurseries at their disposal, including Step by Step and Creakids in Sustainable City, as well as Blossom Mudon Nursery – all within a mere 15-minute drive. Furthermore, Serena's strategic location offers easy access to reputable educational institutions such as GEMS Vertus School, Fairgreen International School, and GEMS Metropole School. 

Access to Leisure and Entertainment 

Serena puts you right in the heart of the action with convenient access to exciting places like Dubai Polo & Equestrian Club and the thrilling IMG Worlds of Adventure. 

Convenient Accessibility 

Boasting direct access to both Academic City Road and Emirates Road, and conveniently situated just five minutes from Mohammed Bin Zayed Road, Serena provides its residents with swift connectivity to key landmarks across the city. This strategic location ensures that Serena's residents can effortlessly access various destinations throughout Dubai with ease. 

Real Estate Investment Potential 

Investing in Serena promises a high return on investment (ROI) with its larger homes at a lower price per square foot. The affordable starting prices make it an attractive option for real estate investors, ensuring the potential for significant returns. 

Serena adeptly navigates Dubai's dynamic terrain, proactively addressing the evolving needs of the community. Offering affordable yet high-quality housing, Serena caters to a diverse spectrum of resident requirements, fostering continual prosperity and robust community development. 

With our dedicated office in Serena, we ultimately understand your needs - proudly leading the way as Serena's top lead-generating company.

AQUA Properties acknowledges the flourishing real estate panorama in the UAE, notably within the vibrant Serena community. The escalating demand for streamlined property management services, fueled by expatriates and foreign investors converging on Dubai for lucrative business prospects, positions AQUA Properties as a pivotal player offering an array of property management and leasing services. 

Within your Serena real estate portfolio, whether it encompasses 3-bedroom villas or budget-friendly 2 and 3-bedroom townhouses from Bella Casa, Casa Dora, or Casa Viva, our property management solutions cater adeptly to both multifamily and single-family residences. Serena, boasting diverse housing alternatives and competitive pricing structures, unfolds as an enticing avenue for investment. Weighted averages delineate a propitious market, accommodating the preferences of both discerning end-users and savvy investors, thereby providing a spectrum of choices for potential buyers. 

Explore our exclusive limited-time offer: 14-month property management service for the price of only 12 months! Delve into the expansive array of services we provide and seize this opportune moment to optimise your property management experience.


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